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We’re pug mad at Walter & Florence, as if you hadn’t noticed. But we go weak at the knees at many other breeds. So, we couldn’t be more excited to launch our new range of dachshund gifts for sausage dog lovers.

‘Up & away’ is our new collection, inspired by a celebrity Dachshund in the making called Dexter, otherwise known as Mr Pickles. More on him later.


New dachshund gifts

Red dachshund greetings card design_celebrity dachshund by Walter & FlorenceOur new luxury greetings cards in two festive colourways are on sale today in our shop.  They’re designed and printed in England on a luxury, textured card for a vintage twist. And we’ve teamed them with envelopes that simply pop with colour.

The illustration shows what we love best about dachsunds. They can be rather snooty and trot about like they’re to the manor born. So  we think a top hat and tails suits them to a tee.


A vintage vibe

It’s the elegance of 1950s haute couture fashion sketches that inspires our doggy designs. We love the black ink drawings with their splashes of watercolour. And there was such style back then that still fascinates today.

From early December, we’ll introduce chic matching notebooks to our dachsie collection. Perfect stocking fillers, we say!  And in 2019, we’ll introduce more new dachshund gifts to the collection.


Dexter, the celebrity dachshund

As for Dexter, the dachshund, what can we say? This spiffy pooch is everything you’d expect from Walter & Florence. A dapper doggy with a superior air and more bow ties than you can shake a stick at.  Proper posh. He’s a Hampshire hound and quite the socialite, with many admirers. You’ll find his handsome face on Instagram and other social media sites.


Dexter - the inspiration behind dachshund gifts by Walter & FlorenceShop our collections

To buy our new dachshund greetings cards or shop all the collections at Walter & Florence, pitter patter your way to www.walterandflorence.com/shop.

And to connect with Dexter on social media, click your paws right here:

Instagram: dexter.aka.mrpickles

Facebook: Dexter.aka.MrPickles

Twitter: @picklesdexter





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