At Walter & Florence we’re mad about dogs and beautifully produced gifts – things that go together rather wonderfully, we think. All our collections are designed and made in England.

Our two pugs-in-chief called – you guessed it, Walter and Florence – are the original inspiration for our product collections that celebrate pooches in all their quirky and endearing ways.

We work closely with our illustrators – and other small businesses up and down the country –  to design something a little bit different for our dog-loving customers.  And we keep our noses to the ground to source superior materials for our products.

Vintage style and glamour

Walter & Florence’s illustrations evoke the glamour of 1950s fashion sketches with hand-drawn pen strokes and watercolor wash. Think of the fifties elegance of Audrey Hepburn and you’ve got us sussed.

We’ve even delved into 1950s colour palettes so that our colour schemes are true to the era.

Mugs that make a splash

Our mugs are made and silk screen-printed in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of England’s still thriving ceramics industry.

Stylishly shaped but large enough to hold a decent cuppa, each fine bone china mug is hand-decorated and finished with real care and attention.

Tea towels to impress

Every pug mug should have a tea towel to match. Our tea towels are made in Lincolnshire from a premium cotton fabric that will add a touch of chic to your kitchen.

Cushions to plump for

Our cushion covers are also made in Lincolnshire from a cotton and linen fabric that has a lovely, textured feel. The black piping sets off the illustration beautifully and the reverse pattern on the back adds an extra twist.

The cushion pads from Lancashire are covered with 100% cotton cambric and filled with 100% curled duck feathers. The quills have been removed from the feathers because this gives the cushion extra plumpness and softness. This also means they plump up nicely if your dog happens to snooze on them!

Say hello with chic cards and notelets

Our greeting cards and notelets are printed in London on a delectable laid paper in rich cream, so it creates a luxurious, vintage look. Soft to the touch, fine lines are impressed on both sides for a lovely, textured feel.

We only use paper sourced from responsibly managed forests or recycled materials.

Made in England, with pug love

Whatever you choose from our collections, it’s been designed and made in England with a lot of love. So you know you’re buying something really special.