A one-eared Westie is our new pug bestie

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Have you heard the news about our new pug bestie? OK, so he’s not actually a pug but not every dog’s perfect. His name is Rupert, he’s a one-eared Westie and is a retail dog, just like our two pugs-in-chief.

Rupert’s the frontman and top dog at In Your Dog House Gifts, our new retail partner in Bristol. Walter & Florence have caught up with him to find out what makes this terrier tick.


What’s the best bit about being a retail dog?

I get to call all the shots! I’m CEO and General Dog’s Body of my own business. That means I have a big say in which British brands and products we sell at In Your Dog House Gifts.  I’m also allowed to sleep on the job and can usually be found snoring under my desk. Plus, I decide when it’s time for lunch.  Who said work’s stressful?


We couldn’t help noticing that you only have one ear. Did you lose one fighting a duel?

Yes!  I was playing the part of Poldark’s double, when I was involved in an unfortunate duelling incident with a badger.  (I lead a stunt double life as well, you know.)  No, seriously, it wasn’t anything as exciting as that. An infection led to an abscess, which meant my inner ear had to be removed. But I look rather dashing with just one ear, don’t you think?


We know that Westies love a good bark. What really gets you going?

Well, I also happen to be Head of Security. And there’s one pesky fox in particular who has the cheek to stroll around MY garden at night without a care in the world. He doesn’t know whether my bark is worse than my bite and that’s clearly to my advantage.


Our other pug bestie’s a bunny.  His droppings make a delish snack. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I prefer something far more sophisticated. I’m particularly partial to steak, chicken, chocolate mousse and sponge cake!


Where’s the best place in Bristol for a dapper doggy to see and be seen?

Defo the Downs where all the cool dogs get to hang out and sniff each other’s butts.  It’s a lovely, open space that we’re so lucky to have in the city.


We’ve decided to make you our official pug bestie. How do you think we should celebrate?

Well, you’ve picked the best week for it. I’ll be 13 this Friday and you’re invited to my birthday bash.  A word of warning, though: Bonking Bailey, the Frenchie, will be there and he loves pugs!  Say no more!


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