Walter & Florence create beautiful gifts and homeware, inspired by our love of dogs and mid-century chic.

The glamour of 1950s fashion sketches influences our designs, with hand-drawn pen strokes and watercolor wash. So, our elegant product collections will add a distinctive touch of chic to the home.

Everything is designed and made in England, using ‘best in show’ materials for our collections. Our attention to detail is something we’re very proud of. And that’s what helps to make our doggy-inspired gifts proper posh.

Our mischievous pugs, Walter and Florence, are the original inspiration behind our creations. And now we’re introducing other entertaining and characterful breeds into the collection, all inspired by real dogs.

Our pug Walter at Walter & Florence

Walter, the pug-about-town

Walter thinks exercise is overrated. So, he’d prefer to stay at home with his paws up, drinking cocoa, than be out on a walk, especially when it’s cold or wet. He’s no fool.

Our little fella is a gentlemanly sort of chap. We call him the Cary Grant of pugs. Walter’s well-tailored, with a bow tie collection that any elegant pug-about-town would envy.

Our pug Florence at Walter & Florence

Florence, the pug princess

Florence is Walter’s little sister. A princess and a hooligan, she enjoys belly rubs, barking at rubbish bins and chasing joggers. Oh yes, this affectionate, little minx is in charge.

Our pampered pug is partial to an evening out on the tiles but never says no to a night in, binge-watching on Netflix. She could be the Audrey Hepburn of pugs, if she didn’t relish rolling in fox poo. Hardly Breakfast At Tiffany’s, is it?

The Walter & Florence pugs

Our story continues

Our two pugs-in-chief are regular contributors to the Walter & Florence blog where you can read about pug adventures in the retail fast lane.

There, we’ve also got news about products and events, reviews on pug books we’ve read and dog-friendly places we’ve been to and more. As you may know, the world according to pugs is never a dull one.