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If you’re mad about pugs and love pug-inspired gifts, you’ve come to the right place. Walter & Florence is a treasure trove of beautifully designed gifts for the home, all made in England and inspired by our own two irresistible pugs-in-chief.

Ever since we welcomed pugs to our family, we understand the magic of this wrinkly-faced and clown-like breed. We can’t go anywhere with Walter and Florence without being met with excited cries from passers-by. We always enjoy the fuss and attention.

To own a pug – or simply to just love the breed – is to belong to an unofficial appreciation society where everyone gets why these snorting and snuffling creatures with their squishy faces, curly tails and quirky ways have such appeal.

One thing was certain when we got our first pug: we became fixated with anything that had pugs on it. Mugs, cushions, greetings cards – and so the list went on. But we were always drawn to gifts that were beautifully designed and made – and something we might not find in every shop.

Gifts with a vintage twist

The collections at Walter & Florence are so obviously inspired by our passion for pugs but there’s something more. We love the glamour of the 1950s, particularly fashion sketches of the time with their hand-drawn pen strokes and watercolour wash. And this has become the signature style for Walter & Florence designs.

We think the vintage twist makes the gifts that little bit different and yet they’ll suit whatever vibe is in your home, whether it’s contemporary, traditional or a particular vintage period.

It almost goes without saying that nothing makes it into our collections without the approval of our two pugs-in-chief. They also lift a paw now and again to help out with product design and photo shoots, in between long lunches and even longer naps.

We hope you’ll become a big fan of Walter & Florence. If you want to drop us a line or share pug stories or pics, we’re all ears.

Walter & Florence
This blog is all about pugs, possibly the most interesting subject there is. Here our two pugs-in-chief, Walter and Florence, keep you posted on life in the retail fast lane and how they unwind when they’re not busy wrapping gifts and modelling for photo shoots. You can also check in here for the latest product news and promotions at Walter & Florence.
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